Fall Wildflower Honey

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Our fall wildflower honey brings together a variety of nectars that bloom across the Florida landscape each fall.  Our honeybees fly in all directions to gather nectar from Brazilian Pepper, Goldenrod and Melaleuca blooms.  The variety of nectars come together creating a smooth, sweet honey.

As you savor each spoonful, you'll encounter the crisp refreshing flavor of these unique nectars. The subtle hints of exotic spices, and a touch of floral sweetness, make it a true fall masterpiece.  The vibrant color and distinct flavor make this one of our best selling honeys.

In late September Florida wildflowers begin to bloom one more time before the cold weather makes its way south.  Our bees spend this time in different locations around Tampa Bay, FL gathering a variety of nectars to make this amazing honey.

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