Holiday Honey Sampler


Celebrate the season with our Holiday Honey Sampler, a curated trio of nature's finest flavors in every jar. This delightful collection features a taste of the holidays with one 6oz seasonal honey variety, one 6 oz infused honey, and a 6oz honeycomb jar.

Savor the Season: Immerse yourself in the rich, natural flavors of the holidays with our seasonal honey varieties. Whether it's the robust Gallberry, the amber notes of Black Mangrove, or the autumnal blend of Fall Wildflower, each jar encapsulates the essence of its season.

Infused Elegance: Elevate your taste experience with our infused honey varieties. Choose between the fiery zest of Hot Honey or the enchanting blend of Lavender Rose. These infused honeys add a touch of sophistication to your holiday palate.

Nature's Artistry: Complete your holiday indulgence with our Honeycomb Jar, showcasing the captivating beauty of honeycomb suspended in golden nectar. Harvested by hand and never pasteurized, it's a true work of nature's artistry.

Whether gifting to a loved one or treating yourself, our Holiday Honey Sampler is a perfect symphony of seasonal joy, infused elegance, and nature's sweetness.

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